This was an early shot and I had neglected to change the minimum shutter speed in my auto ISO settings. This resulted in an unacceptable amount of blur from camera-shake as I hurried to snap the photo.

I really should have taken more time to hold the camera steady. This guy obviously didn’t mind having his photo taken, I just didn’t have the guts at first to take the right amount of time. I think I got a little better about that later on in the day.

I loved everything about this dude, the heels, the pose, the high-waisted pants. Awesome. I actually took this photo in landscape and cropped to portrait. I was probably intending to “tell a story” with his environment, but the environment was shit including the delivery truck across the street with the massive Canpar logo on it that I removed in post. Maybe that’s cheating.

I should have framed more carefully, been less concerned with him spotting me and moved around counter-clockwise to him. This would have got me a better background for the shot, and his pose would have been highlighted better. Although I like that his face is in profile.

This was the first image I grabbed where I felt there was a bit of a story. This dude almost certainly isn’t the driver of the truck in the background, but it looks like he could be.

I could have composed this better. The truck is too tight to the left of the frame. I blame spotting it too late. I should have take another step or two back—to camera right. I also had to crop into this one, but if I had moved closer towards him, I might have caught his attention and lost the candid moment.

My zone focus worked out pretty well here though.

Another crop. I hurried myself too much to get the shot before he noticed me. I liked how he and all the trees were leaning. No real story being told here otherwise. Another zone focus success.

Turns out he was setting up to shoot some video. He was also the first who thought I was shooting film with my X100S. I’m a little disappointed how often people noticed the camera. Need the black version. Or maybe just practice.

It was this girl’s pants that caught my eye. And I like that it looks like she caught the Suit’s eye too.

I’m not crazy about where the girl was in her stride. It feels awkward. I also wish the Suits were a little closer. There’s a slight pan effect on this image. It’s not bad, but it’s not adding anything.

I love the symmetry in this image, and that I caught the four-ways on. If only the cars on either side of the truck were the same distance from me. Had I not been doing my zone-focusing thing, I would have been tempted to shoot this with shallower depth of field. Maybe 2.8 with my 14mm Fujinon.

The orange and yellow are what attracted me to this. I like how almost everything else—aside from that damn “Fran’s” logo—is really drab and all the colour is contained within the pylons and ladder.

I used the classic, pretending to frame up a tourist shot of some building across the street trick for this one. The OVF (optical viewfinder) on the X100S came in really handy. I focused a little too far in front of me though. Fortunately the motion blur is working in my favour.

I’m torn on the car. In a way I think it helps to frame him—there’s a nice natural halo around the man—but I also find it a little distracting. Maybe it’s another image that calls for shallower depth of field. Not sure.

The girl’s crazy pants are what caught my eye. As I was framing the image, I noticed the boots in the upper right corner. This might be the most artsy and abstract images I’ve made, but something about the composition works for me.

While I don’t mind that I caught myself in this shot, I wasn’t aware I had done it at the time, especially not so obviously. A lesson in checking more closely.