Another case where I could have timed the image better. I spotted the scene and rushed over, which meant I needed to grab the shot quickly, otherwise I’d have have been spotted. I should have hung back a moment and let the people in the left half of the frame move out of it or further away to get more focus on the dude having his coffee and watching the passers-by.

As mentioned in the introduction, I started getting tired of the kinds of pictures I was capturing. I felt it was becoming repetitive so I started to strive for more thought-provoking imagery as the day went on.

This is probably one of the better “storytelling” images in the lot. I wonder about what he’s spotted, what he’s reaching for, etc. One might assume his wallet in order to buy something he’s spotted in the shop window. Could be change for the homeless person tucked by the abandoned storefront.

I should have been closer for this image. It’s too heavily cropped. I think I should have taken it from a lower angle too. I like the expression, gesture, and reaction though.

What attracted me to this shot was the way she was totally surrounded by green. Looking at it now, it has a bit of a sneaky, peeping Tom vibe about it, but I think it still works. 

I think the only niggle I have about this composition is that the woman in the centre doesn’t have both her feet within the strip of concrete that leads the eye from the bottom left corner. Otherwise I’m really quite pleased with how this image turned out.

Sometimes it’s fun to catch other folks doing the same sort of thing you are.

I love these two and my timing was pretty much spot on. I have to wonder if they’re actually on the phone with each other. 

Finally a picture I didn’t end up having to crop into. Although I did, just from the top and bottom to give it a more cinematic widescreen feel.

Another image that didn’t require a lot of cropping, again, just to make it more cinematic. I was hoping this would evoke the story that this guy has traveled by bike to shop for high-end jewellry for his wife. However, I think I blew it on the timing of his expression.

The vibrant pink bag is the sole reason for this picture. It certainly stands out among the drab greys and black, but the woman is quite boring. Perhaps I should have taken this same angle, but from the opposite side of her.