This is one of the few images I made that day that I don’t have many problems with. Or at least I wouldn’t have had I not captured the next image which is superior in some ways, but inferior in others.

Ugh! This image is so close to being just right. It would have been great if the second dude was still looking in the same direction, but what really bugs me is the framing. I cut off just a bit of his foot. Damn. I also would have like to catch the right guy’s exhale a little sooner, but the wafting smoke effect is still pretty cool.

All I liked about this scene was the firefighters on either side of the centred wheel well. I wish the guy on the left was lit better.

This guy’s matching shoes and jacket were too much to pass up. The strip of red leading the eye down to the shoes is nice too.

Bright pink shoes in a sea of blandness. It’s too bad about the guy in the background who looks like he’s an alien coming out of her head.

If it wasn’t for the red and the Asian dude totally noticing me, I wouldn’t have liked this shot. I seem to have nail hyperfocal in this one too.

These 3 almost look like they could be peeing. Perhaps I could have composed it better to enhance the effect.

Zone focusing didn’t let me down. I like the position of their strides too. I knew the guy on the left noticed me as I was taking the picture. I didn’t know about the guy second from the left though.

There isn’t anything technically wrong with this image, the focus is ok, composition is decent, but for some reason it feels flat. I don’t mean visually, punching up the contrast doesn’t help, it’s just boring. Maybe it’s because the people aren’t interesting or their activity simply isn’t engaging.

I love the combination of “Dedication at every turn.” and the two guys turning to look back. If only the third guy was turned around looking where he was going. I like the pylons bookending them too.