I’ve never seen someone apply lip balm so aggressively. Pretty happy with this image.

This is my buddy, Conor, meeting me for lunch. Love the stride, the coat, and the girl behind him.

I have no idea what this guy was doing. At first I thought he was “fixing” the Christmas lights. Either way, I found it interesting. Maybe it’s not interesting enough though.

Now this guy was definitely interesting. He was driving his scooter over to where I was waiting to cross the street so I opted to shoot him from the hip. That resulted in the unfortunate placement of the big “Atmosphere” logo near his head.

The exposure was quite poor as well. He was in heavy shadow before I pulled as much detail as I could out of the JPEG. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. 

For this image I was trying to echo the student directly in front of me looking at his phone with the older gentleman coming towards me. I don’t think I succeeded as there are too many other people in the background and the older guy is probably still too far away. Had I waited though, the other people would have moved in front of the older guy and the story would have been lost completely.

When I captured this one, I thought for sure I would like it once I downloaded it too my computer, but there are a couple things “wrong” with it for me:

  1. Although I love the gesture with his hand, I wish the storyteller wasn’t looking down.
  2. That damn bus in the background with the “CATS” crap all over it. If it was a normal bus it would have been fine. I quickly looked at the scene, looking for a way of not getting the bus in the background, but I wanted the older gentleman to be square with the camera as he was definitely the more interesting of the two.

Red was once again what drew me to make this picture. Unfortunately I was yet again too rushed and ended up with some camera shake. I actually didn’t even realize she was selling chocolate covered almonds, otherwise I probably should have bought some in exchange for the pic!

I stopped to wait for this shot. I wanted this person exactly where they ended up being in the frame. The stride is almost perfect too. If I had to change anything, I’d have used my X-E2 and 35mm lens to be a little bit closer—without running into the street and possibly getting killed—as this photo is heavily cropped.

I pretty much had to choose a black and white rendering of this image as the storefronts were so brightly-coloured and far too distracting.

This is another favourite. I’m pleased I spotted it and was able to capture it so quickly.

Another nice candid moment with technical flaws. Part of it is the light was so dull in the afternoon that day, my camera was was actually topping out at ISO 6400 and knocking my shutter speed down. However, this image absolutely called for a larger aperture to help throw the signage across the street that’s reflected in the window out of focus. I would have had time, too. This guy had no idea I was there.