The classic alley shot. It’s been done to death. Still, it’s tough to pass up. Without the people, I would have.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Especially not on Bloor Street in Toronto, home of the highest of high-end boutique clothing stores. I’m pretty happen with this one.

I love this guy’s pose. Sadly my haste to capture him once again resulted in an unacceptably blurry photo.

I wanted to try some panning. This was the first attempt that turned out half decent. I should have lowered the frame slightly to catch the whole front wheel.

This is another of my favourites from the day. I love that this guy and his bike are outwardly facing. His expression is outstanding too.

Another favourite. I would have taken a shot of the car alone, but the strip club and passerby gawking at the car add some flavour.

I actually saw this guy, walked past, laughed, and then walked back and took this picture. Still makes me laugh. I have no idea what he was looking at, but looks like he takes his job pretty seriously.

I was reading a site on street photography yesterday that said something along the lines of “taking a picture of someone else’s art is not street photography.” I think I agree.

With this photo I was simply drawn to the genuine moment being shared between these two. It’s another one I grabbed quick. Hopefully with practice, I’ll get better at anticipating these sort of things so I can line up my shot sooner.

A technically more successful panning attempt.